July 10th our film the Plague will be shown at the Toxic FilmFestival Rome. We are honored to be a part of this first time festival.

Check out their website at:

https://filmfreeway.com/festival/ToxicFilmFestival or click the read more button.

The Overkill is an unique 48-hour non-stop annual event which explores and celebrates the gaming culture.

It is a playful event hosting a great variety of digital culture. Linking video games to the movies that inspired them, showing art that finds its origin in game technologies, music that links games to movies and talks that explore these connections.

The Overkill Festival takes you to the digital media underground. We create links and connections between known and obscure media through time and place. We show you the source and the roots of today's media culture and provide just enough information to let you comfortably dwell on your own, meeting new people and finding new routes in the digital landscape.

The Overkill Festival is a meeting place for anyone interested in video games, media art, underground movies and all other forms of digital culture outside the mainstream grid.

Open Friday 27-10 at 18:00 until Sunday 18:00
Location: the formal hospital of Medisch Spectrum Twente: Ariënsplein 1, 7513 AB Enschede

Program and tickets:


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