Krystal Shenk.

Im a 27 year old female. Ive been involved in acting in some form since i was 10 years old, focusing mainly on musicals. I took a break after highschool. I went back to it when i saw a wanted facebook post for extras in the Undead series. I was then in Flesh of my Flesh as Judy. I played a zombie in the Plague. I was Eve in Confessions of a Homocidal Prostitute. I was recently in Ave Satanas as Evanora.

Kay Baun

 I took a liking to acting at a young age, participating in local musicals and plays. I became enthralled with the horror industry at the age of twelve, and achieved my dream of working at a haunted attraction at the age of sixteen. Since then, I have been very involved with the local filming scene and horror-oriented activities, working at multiple haunted attractions, and entertaining at parades and sporting events. Among many other roles, I have played Katie in "The Butcher", a zombie in "The Plague" and "Johnny Revolting vs. The Undead", and recently assumed the main role of Lilith in "Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute".

Lori Meyer.

I love to "play"on screen as well as off. I am inspired everyday by my husband and daughter. Inspired to dive and chase my dreams of acting. I got that chance answering a call to be an extra in a youtube series called "the Undead"thru Fox Trot Productions. That really opened a door. I also played Maggie in "Flesh of my Flesh"and I was a zombie in the "Plague and I have played a drug addict and a soldiers mother in 2 music videos.I have always loved the ability of a director and actor who can move a person to the brink of despair in one moment. and make you laugh in the next. It's been like magic to me since I was a child, reading and imagining. Watching all generations of film and theevolution it is taken. The bravery of actors and directors.... that's what inspires me.

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