Strictly limited Releases of Underground Horror & Splatter Movies.All Releases will come in big VHS Softboxes with exclusive VHS Retro Cover Artworks.


Piko Pictures does all authoring and mastering of our films.

Martin Trafford Traffart provides beautiful, kick ass custom drawings of all of our release posters and dvd covers

Being a published author myself, I know how much a good cover can influence a reader to buy a book, so I do my best to find out the right image for my client's needs. Same goes for movie posters: I strive to offer the best quality at an affordable price.


When you buy a graphic work from Jeffrey Kosh Graphics, you can stay sure it becomes absolutely yours. All graphics are made with personal stock (mostly from our photographer, Lorraine Versini) or created with 3D modeling software, and are then combined and blended to create a unique new picture that will never be reused or resold.


Now, browse our portfolio and look at the various styles we used for different authors. Then have a peek at our premade section ... maybe the cover you need is already there.

At a bargain price.

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