End credit donations.

Have you ever watched a movie and see all those names on the end credit and thought to yourself how can I be mentioned there?
Think no longer....HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!!
Fot our up and coming action movie we have some space left in the end credits and we want you to be in there.
But how??
$1,= gets you mentioned and thanked.
$5,= gets you mentioned as one of the producers (how freaking cool is that)
$20,= and more will get you mentioned as one of the producers and we will send you a signed DVD when the movie comes out.
And who said it was hard to get mentioned in the end credits of a movie.
We at Fox Trot Productions make our movies for and with you.
 Just send the money with name you want in the credits to: paypal.me/FoxTrotProductions

or use the button
We can't make these movies without you!

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